Houston Texans Rookie Gives His First Game Check To Harvey Victims

Most rookies in the National Football League might use their first game check to buy a flashy car or pay for a lavish night out, but not Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The 22-year-old donated his $27,353 check to three women who were affected by Hurricane Harvey, ESPN reported. Watson surprised them with the envelopes in a video that was posted to the team’s Twitter account Wednesday. 

“I’m excited to do a surprise for the cafeteria ladies. They’ve been helpful for all of us,” Watson said in the video. “It’s going to be cool.”

A team representative told HuffPost that the women are cafeteria workers employed by NRG Stadium and serve the Texans breakfast, lunch and dinner. Two of the women lost everything when Hurricane Harvey brought catastrophic flooding to the area, the team told HuffPost. 

“For what y’all do for us every day, and never complain, I really appreciate y’all,” Watson said in the video. “I wanted to give my first game check to y’all to help y’all out in some type of way.” 

Fellow Houston Texans player J.J. Watt raised over $37 million for Hurricane relief and spent some of his time before the season distributing supplies for victims of the natural disaster. 

When Watson, who grew up in Georgia and played at Clemson, handed the women the checks, one of the workers teared up and asked for a hug. 

″So hopefully that will help you get back on your feet, and anything else y’all need, I’m always here to help,” Watson said.

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